Films on Friday: Minor League Playoffs

The Minor League Baseball playoffs are in full swing right now, though its not always easy to tell. In the Carolina League semi-final round, Lynchburg and Potomac are tied at one a piece as the series moves to Potomac tonight. There appears to be absolutely no video, however, of the two games they’ve already played in this series.

Fortunately, other leagues and teams have provided video and there are several games broadcast on MiLB.TV. Here are a few scenes from last night’s Eastern League game between the Trenton Thunder and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (New Hampshire leads the series 2-0):



Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca






MiLB Postseason 

Generally, the week after Labor Day is one of the saddest of the entire year. I’m always sad when the Minor League Baseball season ends. Sure, some of our guys might get called up for the end of the season. But it’s just not the same without them playing in down the street and in other towns and cities across the U.S.

This year, however, is different. Both the Frederick Keys and the Bowie Baysox, the Baltimore Orioles single A and double A affiliates, are in the playoffs. Game one for both teams is tonight – and they’re both playing at home.

Two years ago, the Bowie Baysox were the Eastern League champions. We’re hoping to take home the trophy again!

Good luck to both the Keys and the Baysox!

~ baseballrebecca 

Bowie Baysox, 2015 Eastern League Champions (photo courtesy of


Postseason Decisions

This year, it won’t be hard for me to choose who to root for in the postseason (Go O’s!!  Go Nats!!).  For others, there are several things to consider in their postseason support decisions. Major news outlets, naturally, are full of opinions on this topic.  So, if, for some reason, you aren’t rooting for the Baltimore Orioles or Washington Nationals, here are some helpful tips:

Lamenting the absence of the New York Yankees in the postseason, The New York Times discusses who to root for in the post season (of course, I think the O’s and the Nats should be much higher on their list):

Which Baseball Team Deserves a Title? Consult the Suffering Index

Not to be outdone, The Wall Street Journal also has rated the postseason contenders with their “Hateability Index.” On that scale, the O’s and Nats should be lower:

The 2014 Baseball Playoffs Hateability Index

NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk joined the game with their reasons for and against rooting for the AL and NL teams:

Who to root for in the postseason

Whomever you root for (pick the O’s) this posteason (pick the Nats), may you enjoy every game!

Happy postseason, y’all!

~ baseballrebecca

Just Wait Until Next Year!

A lot of people asked me today if I was in mourning.  I guess it was the natural question to ask on a day like today.  In fact, there seemed to be a pall hanging over the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area today as we slowly began to pick up the pieces after Friday’s devastating double-loss in the playoffs. After a stressful, yet exhilarating week of ups and downs for the Baltimore Orioles, the Washington Nationals, and their respective fans, it all came down to game 5 of the National League and American League division series on Friday.  However, our hopes were dashed as first the Orioles fell to the New York Yankees and then the Nats followed suit, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Psychologist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief can be applied to Orioles and Nats fans as follows:

1.  Denial:  NO!  No, no, no, no, no!  The Orioles did NOT just lose!
2. Anger:  Stupid Yankees!  It’s all your fault!  Quit grinning and celebrating!  Don’t you know you just broke our hearts?
3. Bargaining:  Ok.  Well, the O’s lost.  We’ll feel better if the Nats win…
4. Depression:  I CAN’T BELIEVE BOTH THE O’S AND THE NATS LOST!!  Life will never be the same again!
5. Acceptance:  Eh.  Waddaya gonna do?  No one expected us to get this far anyway.

Of course, we all handle grief, just a little differently.  Some distract themselves with movies or other activities (on our way to the movies on Saturday, a friend said no one would be at Trouble with the Curve since it had gotten bad reviews.  I said, there would be a bunch of sad little O’s and Nats fans there.   I was right.)  CBS’ Bob Schieffer, apparently, recites poetry.

Life will go on in Washington.  In Baltimore, we’re already excited by the fact that Adam Jones tweeted that he’s considering moving to Baltimore.  You see, we love our team no matter what they do.

Not every city, apparently, has the same relationship with their team, at least according to an article in today’s Detroit Free PressIt appears some have given up all hope for the Yankees.  Even the Wall Street Journal likened the current Yankees’ playoff games – sans Jeter – to a funeral.

At least there’s some consolation!  Here’s to next season!

~ baseballrebecca

A Postseason to Remember

Camden Yards was rocking last night as the Baltimore Orioles took on their arch-rivals (who shall not be named) in the first game of the American League Division Series.  The Orioles this year have been called upstarts, surprising, and even lucky.  Maybe that’s why they represent this area and the city of Baltimore so well.  We are completely underestimated.

Of course, one reason the fans love the Orioles so much, is that the team loves us back.  It’s a beautiful relationship.  Check out the video the Orioles are now playing on the scoreboard during games.  I caught it for the first time at last night’s game, and it gave me chills and smiles:

Go O’s!!!!!!!

~ baseballrebecca