Best of the Week: 12/29/2019 – 1/4/2020

La Liga Mexicana del Pacifico (The Mexican Pacific League) began its playoffs on January 1. The teams playing in the first phase of the playoffs are:

  • Cañeros de Los Mochis
  • Yaquis de Obregón
  • Charros de Jalisco
  • Venados de Mazatlán
  • Sultanes de Monterrey
  • Tomateros de Culiacán
  • Naranjeros de Hermosillo
  • Águilas de Mexicali

You can find the full schedule on the league’s website.

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Best of the Week: 10/14/2019 – 10/19/2019

The Baby Shark was alive and well at Nats Park this week:

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The Washington Nationals’ Secret Weapon

I’m still in disbelief that the Nats swept the Cardinals and are headed to the World Series. But I’ve uncovered their secret weapon: they’re getting some heavenly help.

There’s a church just down the street from Nats Park that offers a Sunday “Nats Mass” during the season. You can attend mass at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, then walk just down the street to the ballpark in time for the first pitch:

But that’s not the only church rooting for the Nats these days. The Washington National Cathedral is also supporting the Nats:

The Nats also have a chaplain from Catholic University. Maybe we could get the Pope to help us out, too?

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October Baseball


Juan Soto and Victor Robles of the Washington Nationals, who will play the NL Wild Card game tonight

Sadly, baseball season has ended, but at least we still have the playoffs and World Series. Did your team make it? Will you be watching?

Here’s the MLB post-season schedule, at least as far we know it:


  • 10/1: Brewers at Nationals, 8:08 p.m., TBS
  • 10/2: Rays at A’s, 8:09 p.m., ESPN


National League (NLDS) – all games on TBS:

  • 10/3: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers
  • 10/4: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers
  • 10/6: Dodgers at NL Wild Card Winner
  • 10/7: Dodgers at NL Wild Card Winner (if necessary)
  • 10/9: NL Wild Card Winner at Dodgers (if necessary)


  • 10/3: Cardinals at Braves
  • 10/4: Cardinals at Braves
  • 10/6: Braves at Cardinals
  • 10/7: Braves at Cardinals (if necessary)
  • 10/9: Cardinals at Braves (if necessary)

American League (ALDS):

  • 10/4: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/5: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1
  • 10/7: Astros at AL Wild Card Winner, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/8: Astros at AL Wild Card Winner, FS1 (if necessary)
  • 10/10: AL Wild Card Winner at Astros, FS1 (if necessary)


  • 10/4: Twins at Yankees, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/5: Twins at Yankees, FS1
  • 10/7: Yankees at Twins, FS1 or MLBN
  • 10/8: Yankees at Twins, FS1 (if necessary)
  • 10/10: Twins at Yankees, FS1 (if necessary)


National League Championship Series (NLCS):

  • 10/11: Game 1, TBS
  • 10/12: Game 2, TBS
  • 10/14: Game 3, TBS
  • 10/15: Game 4, TBS
  • 10/16: Game 5 (if necessary), TBS
  • 10/18: Game 6 (if necessary), TBS
  • 10/19: Game 7 (if necessary), TBS

American League Championship Series (ALCS):

  • 10/12: Game 1, FOX or FS1
  • 10/13: Game 2, FOX or FS1
  • 10/15: Game 3, FOX or FS1
  • 10/16: Game 4, FOX or FS1
  • 10/17: Game 5 (if necessary), FOX or FS1
  • 10/19: Game 6 (if necessary), FOX or FS1
  • 10/20: Game 7 (if necessary), FOX or FS1


  • 10/22: Game 1, FOX
  • 10/23: Game 2, FOX
  • 10/25: Game 3, FOX
  • 10/26: Game 4, FOX
  • 10/27: Game 5 (if necessary), FOX
  • 10/29: Game 6 (if necessary), FOX
  • 10/30: Game 7 (if necessary), FOX



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Minor League Playoffs, Round 2

BaysoxThe Eastern League Championship series begins today. The Trenton Thunder host the Bowie Baysox in a best of five series. As the sign on the road to stadium says, “The Baysox will play for the championship!”

The Baysox experienced an incredible turn-around as they entered the second half of the season with a 30-38 record. They fought back and improved their record to 46-26 in the second half, for an overall record of 76-64. In the Eastern League, the first half winner plays the second half winner in the division series. On Saturday, the Baysox beat the first half champion Harrisburg Senators to get to this round of the playoffs. Check out the tweets below that document that moment.

Games 1 and 2 of the championship series will be held in Trenton, New Jersey, tonight and tomorrow night. The series will then move to Bowie, Maryland, for Game 3 on Thursday. Games 4 and 5, if necessary, will be played in Bowie on Friday and Saturday. Games 1-4 will start at 7:00. Game 5 begins at 6:35, if needed.

Go Baysox!!

~ baseballrebecca

Minor League Playoffs, Round 1

The Delmarva Shorebirds’ mascot, Sherman the Shorebird (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

The playoffs begin today for the following minor leagues: the International, Pacific Coast, Eastern, Southern, Texas, California, Carolina, Midwest, South Atlantic, New York-Penn, and Northwest leagues. The Florida State League playoffs were scheduled to begin yesterday, but were canceled because of Hurricane Dorian. The Gulf Coast League playoffs were also canceled over the weekend.

Two of the Baltimore Orioles’ affiliates will be in the playoffs: the Delmarva Shorebirds of the South Atlantic League and the Bowie Baysox of the Eastern League. (Even if I’m still mad at the Orioles, I can still love their minor league teams!) Here is the schedule for the semi-final round of these two leagues:

South Atlantic League:  
September 4: ·        Delmarva at Hickory

·        Lexington at Augusta

September 6-7:* ·        Hickory at Delmarva

·        Augusta at Lexington

* Game 3 (on 9/7), if necessary
Eastern League:  
September 4-5: ·        Trenton at Reading

·        Harrisburg at Bowie

September 6-8:* ·        Reading at Trenton

·        Bowie at Harrisburg

* Games 4 and 5, if necessary


In each of these leagues, a 5-game championship series will be played by the winning teams in this first round of playoffs. The Minor League Baseball website has information on all of the playoffs. Enjoy!

Go Baysox!!

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Baysox Headed to the Playoffs!!

Congrats to my favorite team, the Bowie Baysox!! Yesterday, they won the division title and clinched a playoff spot. They are managed by one of my favorite former Baysox, Buck Britton, who recently was named and Eastern League Manager of the Year!

Can’t wait to for the playoffs! The Baysox play at home Wednesday and Thursday.

Happy Labor Day!

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Films on Friday: Minor League Playoffs

The Minor League Baseball playoffs are in full swing right now, though its not always easy to tell. In the Carolina League semi-final round, Lynchburg and Potomac are tied at one a piece as the series moves to Potomac tonight. There appears to be absolutely no video, however, of the two games they’ve already played in this series.

Fortunately, other leagues and teams have provided video and there are several games broadcast on MiLB.TV. Here are a few scenes from last night’s Eastern League game between the Trenton Thunder and the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (New Hampshire leads the series 2-0):



Happy Friday!

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MiLB Postseason 

Generally, the week after Labor Day is one of the saddest of the entire year. I’m always sad when the Minor League Baseball season ends. Sure, some of our guys might get called up for the end of the season. But it’s just not the same without them playing in down the street and in other towns and cities across the U.S.

This year, however, is different. Both the Frederick Keys and the Bowie Baysox, the Baltimore Orioles single A and double A affiliates, are in the playoffs. Game one for both teams is tonight – and they’re both playing at home.

Two years ago, the Bowie Baysox were the Eastern League champions. We’re hoping to take home the trophy again!

Good luck to both the Keys and the Baysox!

~ baseballrebecca 

Bowie Baysox, 2015 Eastern League Champions (photo courtesy of