What’s Baseball Sociology?

What’s Baseball Sociology, you ask?  Well, sociology is the study of society.  By studying social groups, structures, and institutions, we can have a better understanding of society, how we all fit together in a society, and how society and the groups we belong to influence us.  Thus, baseball sociology is a way of viewing how the game functions in the society in which it is played, and how society impacts the game.  In other words, we can understand baseball by understanding the society in which it is played.

Or, vice versa.  Maybe you’d rather understand society through baseball.  Perhaps being baseball fans defines who we are? 

Either way, it’s a term I made up, and a subject I studied so I could hang out at the ballpark, watch the crowd, and pursue my life-long dream of seeing every ballpark in the country – or rather, the world!  On the way, however, I realized that each ballpark has its own personality, reflective of the community it represents.  Now that’s Baseball Sociology!

Please join me in my journey through baseball, as I attempt to understand our world, and our place within in!

~ baseballrebecca

3 thoughts on “What’s Baseball Sociology?

  1. I just came up with similar idea, so I googled it and found your post here, haha.

    I’d love to join your journey! 😉
    I hope I can get a job related to baseball sociology.


  2. Hi Rebecca, I too have been traveling to different ballparks around America. I’ve been to about 25 MLB ballparks myself. I majored in Geography and minored in Sociology, hence our similar interests! 🙂 Have fun on your journey. – Eddie Lokes


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