How Was Your Opening Day?

Mine was pretty good … the O’s won, the Nats won, and I took the day off from work in honor of this most important national holiday. Let me know how yours was in the comments section!

Still reeling from a great day, I thought I’d just post this photo I took I took last year near Nats’ Park….

Happy Baseball Season!

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Nine …

Opening Day is only nine days away! (Remember when Marquis Grissom was with the Nats?)

Marquis Grissom, June 28, 2009, as 1st base coach for the Washington Nationals. Photo courtesy of Keith Alison via Wikipedia.




This is how (trade) rumors get started

LobatonRemember Wilmer Flores last year? That was almost me as tears welled in my eyes. We’d heard that the Nationals had traded for pitcher Mark Melancon. As usual, I was tuning out the sports announcers that tended to drone on and provide little detail. However, these names stood out in the story: Felipe Rivero, Jose Lobaton, and Taylor Hearn. Wait – did they just say Jose Lobaton?

Questions immediate flooded my brain. Who would Gio Gonzalez’ personal catcher be now? Most importantly, who would remove the Nationals’ helmets when they returned to the dugout after hitting a home run? Lobaton was the best helmet snatcher in the business.

Jose Lobaton is one of my favorite Washington Nationals, although he doesn’t get much playing time serving as back-up catcher to Wilson Ramos. But Pedro Severino had caught on Saturday – did this mean it was true? (Queue melodramatic music and declare, “Say it ain’t so!”)

Yesterday, I took a peak at the Nationals’ roster on my MLB app. No, Lobaton was not there anymore. Wait a minute. What if I click on “40-Man Roster”? And there he was, still listed in the “L’s”.

So what went so terribly wrong? Apparently, whatever show I was half-listening to had reported that there had, indeed, been a trade. The Washington Nationals acquired Melancon from Pittsburgh. In turn, the Nationals sent Felipe Rivero and Taylor Hearn to the Pirates. Naturally, as reporters do, they then started babbling about Rivero’s record with the Nats since the 2014 trade that brought him and catcher Jose Lobaton to D.C. They also may have been discussing Severino being called up after Lobaton had been placed on the DL with tendinitis. Like I said, I really wasn’t listening.

So, I should pay more attention in the future. Especially as the trade deadline nears.

Happy Trade Deadline Day!

~ baseballrebecca


Bryce Harper, in Song (Part 3)

Photo courtesy of Ben’s Chili Bowl (

Today our Bryce Harper trilogy ends with the last song that mentions Bryce Harper. This one really isn’t about him, but it in he does get a mention from his pal, Wale.

According to MLB’s Cut 4, Bryce started using Wale’s music as his walk-up songs and later asked Wale to mention him in his next project. The result was Wale’s 2012 song, “Change Up” (warning: explicit lyrics), which includes the line:


“Attire proper, Bryce Harper
though slightly darker”


The friendship continued, including an outing at Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, D.C., and Wale throwing out the first pitch at a Nats game in 2013:




~ baseballrebecca