Nats’ Fight Song

As I reported last year, local rappers and DJs have already written at least two songs about Bryce Harper. Well, now we have another baseball-related song for the entire Washington Nationals team:

Do other teams inspire songwriters? If you know of any others, let me know about them in the comments below!

~ baseballrebecca


How Was Your Opening Day?

Mine was pretty good … the O’s won, the Nats won, and I took the day off from work in honor of this most important national holiday. Let me know how yours was in the comments section!

Still reeling from a great day, I thought I’d just post this photo I took I took last year near Nats’ Park….

Happy Baseball Season!

~ baseballrebecca





Nine …

Opening Day is only nine days away! (Remember when Marquis Grissom was with the Nats?)

Marquis Grissom, June 28, 2009, as 1st base coach for the Washington Nationals. Photo courtesy of Keith Alison via Wikipedia.