Spring Training

This year is going to be different.  I could feel it as I stepped outside the airport in Tampa.  Spring Training was going to be the start of something BIG!  

I’d been promising to go to Spring Training for years, but stress, lack of funds, and more stress kept me away.  But perhaps those are the best reasons to go.  There’s something magical about baseball in the afternoon, before the season starts and the games count.  Everyone seems to be infused with the spirit of Baltimore Orioles Spring Trainingexcitement, newness, and hope.  Plus, it’s totally cool to sit in the Florida springtime sun, far away from worries and deadlines, and close to your team whom you haven’t spent quality time with in months.

Spring Training is more than a warm up for the season for the players.  It’s a time for everyone – fans included – to recharge and train for whatever lies ahead.

~ baseballrebecca


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